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Seminar on the Employer's Legal Obligations

On 23 May 2022, the Belgian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (CCBP) organized a seminar with Group S, aimed at Portuguese entrepreneurs living in Belgium, on the main legal obligations that fall upon employers in Belgium.

Philippe Borremans, representative of Group S, Rui Tereno, Portuguese Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium, and Rui Faria da Cunha, President of the CCBP were present at the opening session.

Speakers included Valentin Broquet, legal expert from Group S, who spoke about the employee assignment, and Pierre-Yves de Harven and Réginald d'Hoop, President and Consular Judge, respectively, of the Chamber of Companies in Difficulty (CED) of the Francophone Business Court of Brussels, who explained the role of the CED and stressed the need to comply with a series of legal obligations in order to avoid problems with the courts, and finally Julie Gigot from the Brussels Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BECI), who presented the BECI's role in supporting businesses in difficulty.

The seminar closed with a Q&A session, when the Portuguese entrepreneurs asked the speakers their questions on labour, tax and social law issues, in particular those related to the transfer of workers from Portugal to Belgium.

The event's main objective, in the words of Rui Faria da Cunha, president of the CCBP, is "to inform Portuguese entrepreneurs living in Belgium of their main legal obligations and the importance of complying with them in order to achieve business success". "The CCBP and its member, Group S, want to be seen by Portuguese entrepreneurs as partners in the development of their businesses, and other clarification sessions are being prepared," he added.

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