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II Belgian-Portuguese Routes for the Blue Economy

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

On November 17, the Belgian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce organized the II Belgian-Portuguese Routes for the Blue Economy dedicated to biodiversity.

After the success of the “I Belgian-Portuguese Routes for Blue Economy” and in the context of the current pandemic crises, the Belgian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce decided that a second edition should be held with format adaptations, giving privilege to remote online participation. The second edition will have an emphasis on “Biodiversity” and will allow for contrasted approaches that will provoke new ideas and will stimulate unpredictable partnerships between companies, entrepreneurs, academia, funders and politicians. Hopefully the event will point to solutions to overcome constraints so that synergies between companies are encouraged.

During the session it was discussed the following topics:

  • Renewable Natural Resources (fisheries, aquaculture),

  • Biotechnology (pharmacology, cosmetics),

  • Bioengineer (coastal resilience),

  • Tourism and Ecotourism,

  • Marine biodiversity recovery,

  • Nature Protection.

The event counted with the participation of Ricardo Serrão Santos, Minister of Maritime Affairs, Portugal; Vincent Van Quickenborne, Vice-Prime ministre and ministre of Justice and of the North Sea, Belgium; among many other experts in the industry.

To check the event's "Highlights" report, please click here.

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