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CCBP's General Assembly 2022

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

The Belgian-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce (CCBP) held its annual General Assembly today, 5 April 2022, in Brussels, at the Azores Representation Office, with the participation of 20 members and the presence of the Ambassador of Portugal in Belgium, Rui Manuppella Tereno, and the Director of AICEP in Brussels, Rui Paulo Almas. In this General Meeting, besides the statutory approvals, five directors were re-elected and three new directors were elected. Among the directors, Rui Faria da Cunha was re-elected as President for a new three-year mandate.

Rui Faria da Cunha thanked the renewed confidence of the Chamber's members and pointed out that "although the Chamber's mission has been the same since 1938 - the promotion of trade relations and friendship between the two countries - the current challenge involves investing in a more tangible value proposal for its members, whether through the promotion of thematic or networking events or through individual support in areas related to business facilitation."

The board of directors that resulted from the General Assembly is composed of the following 13 members: Rui Faria da Cunha, Ana Paula Mesquita, Beatriz S. Carneiro, Vagner Pinto Morais, Duarte Mira, Pierre Poncelet, pIEt Haerens, Alexandre Seiça, António Buscardini, Frederico Cardigos, João Gusmão, Philippe Borremans and João André.

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