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Portugal+ conference held in Brussels

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

On 28 October, another edition of the Portugal+ (i.e. Positive Portugal) conference was held in Brussels for the first time. Organised by the online newspaper Bom Dia, this year's event focused on the relationship between the Portuguese diaspora and their home territories, with an emphasis on diaspora investment and tourism.

As well as institutional representatives, namely the Portuguese ambassador to Belgium, the Secretary of State for the Portuguese Communities and the members of the Portuguese Parliament elected by the European constituency, the conference included presentations by businesspeople, academics and professionals from various fields, from sociology to the arts, from property to tourism, including literature and cinema.

CCBP was also present at the conference, with Rui Faria da Cunha taking part in the panel "Diaspora, tourism and investment", which also included Rui Almas, from AICEP, António Silva, from Santander, Vera Alves, from Alba Groupe, and Francisco Lobo Faria, a filmmaker. The debate, moderated by journalist João Luís Sousa from Vida Económica, focused on the role of the diaspora in supporting the internationalisation of Portuguese companies and attracting investment to Portugal.

More about the conference at these links:

Conference morning:

Conference afternoon:

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