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Updated: Sep 18, 2023

CCBP is pleased to invite you to a beer tasting session followed by a visit to Gent which will take place on 9 September at Technology Campus Gent from 16:00 to 20:00 (Gebroeders De Smetstraat 1 in 9000 Gent).

This unique event aims to take its participants on a tasty voyage of discovery through the effervescent world of often craft beers. Come and explore with us the rich history of Belgian beer culture and meet passionate brewers who present their creations with pride.

Our event not only offers an unforgettable tasting experience, but also an opportunity to understand the art of beer production. Learn more about the fermentation process, the ingredients used and how different styles and flavours are created. Whether you are an experienced beer connoisseur or just curious to discover what Gent has to offer, our event promises an enjoyable, enriching and unforgettable afternoon and evening full of flavour and relaxation.

The beer tasting session will be led by Annick Boeykens, brewing teacher, project manager and coordinator of the work and internship of the PBA Biochemistry students at the Odisee school in Ghent.

The guided tour will be led by George Martyn, Professor of Legal History at Ghent University.

We will also have the pleasure to count with the presence of the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Gent, Bruno Joos de ter Beerst,

Price: 20€ per participant

*Registration limited to a maximum number of participants*

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