Since April 2019 General Assembly, CCBP has a 14 members Board of Directors (vs 8 previously). As per the CCBP by-laws, all are pro-bono Directors. The Board of Directors meets quarterly. A sub-group of 5 Directors volunteered to form the Bureau which meets monthly under the Presidency of our newly elected Rui Faria da Cunha. CCBP also hires a Director of Operations to aid the team in the performance of their mandate. 






Ana Paula Mesquita | Magellan

Beatriz Soares Carneiro | Eupportunity 

Chris Mouton | Segredos de Portugal

Duarte Mira | Confederação dos Agricultores de Portugal

Francisco Beirão | EDP Renewables

Luís Romão | Nero Consulting

Véronique Bessa de Oliveira | Meubles Prestige 

Vagner Pinto Morais | BGT Consulting Group

Yvan Roque | Fédération Horeca Bruxelles

Operations Director | João Teixeira de Freitas

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CCBP is a non-profit organisation incorporated in Belgium exempt from VAT. Company number 0407.146.711.