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Economic Mission to Portugal Healthcare, Infrastructure, Real Estate Investment | 12-13 March 2020

Pascal Smet State Secretary of State of the Brussels-Capital Region Responsible for Foreign Trade, AICEP Portugal Global - Trade & Investment Agency and are honored to invite you to a trade mission on 12 and 13 March 2020 in Lisbon.

This mission is supported by:

The Portuguese economy has recovered from the financial crisis 10 years ago, employment has risen at a higher rate than in the other EU countries, the public deficits are in line with the eurozone rules and the EU authorities are now pushing the Portuguese state to benefit from the low rates to invest public money in the economy for the modernization of the infrastructures. The construction sector has regained with positive figures since 2017 with a turn to sustainable construction. 

Structurally Portugal faces the challenge of an aging population. Following the OECD the working-age population decline will be among the steepest among OECD countries, with the number of 20-64 year-olds set to fall by 30% by 2050 compared with an average drop of 5% on average in the OECD area. There will be 7 people older than 65 years for 10 people of working-age in 2050.

To fulfill the needs of its aging population Portugal will i.e.:

  • invest in the modernization and the building of new public and private health facilities (hospital, service flat for elderly people)

  • implement E-Health solutions to improve the efficiency of its health system, face the scarce of nursing personnel and master hospitalization costs.

Portugal has high quality health system, showed by high standard health indicators and a competitive industrial and research sector. The Health Cluster Portugal, with more than 180 members, represents the whole health value chain. 

The Health Cluster Strategic Plan 2030 has 4 main objectives: innovation, industrialization, digitalization and data. Portugal health priorities include promoting investment, attract innovation Centers and clinical trials, encourage international cooperation in devices and e-health and push for a health data lake in Portugal.

The Portuguese construction sector is internationally recognized and is characterized not only by the synergy between innumerous R&D centers, the universities and the companies, but also by the recent digital/technological transformation and the focus on the energy efficiency of the entire construction value chain.

If your company is active in:

  • E-HealthMedical Device

  • Healthcare Consulting

  • ArchitectureConstruction

  • Real Estate Investment

We invite you to on 12 and 13 March in Lisbon to figure out how you should partner with Portuguese company to tackle local opportunities.


12/03 at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence

19.30h  Official reception followed by networking dinner

13/03 in the premises of AICEP, Rua de Entrecampos 28 Bloco B 12º, 1700-158 Lisboa

9.00h Introduction by:

  • Portuguese State Secretary for Health (tbc)

  • M. Pascal Smet State Secretary of the Brussels-Capital Region

  • Presentation of the Portuguese E-health sector and Portuguese health facilities building expertise

  • Presentation of the Brussels and Belgian E-health sector and health facilities building expertise

  • AGEAS experience of investments in Portugal

  • GRUPO JOSE DE MELLO SAUDE 70 years expertise in Portuguese healthcare

  • Portuguese and Belgian companies pitches

12.00h  Networking lunch

13.30h  B2B sessions

17.00h  Closing

17.30h  Reception cocktail

18.00h  End

13/03, visits of real estate project in Lisbon for companies that do not attend B2B

These visits will also allow you to meet with Portuguese architects, contractors and developers for instance:


Participants have to book and pay their journeys and hotels. may reserve rooms in the hotel of the delegation if the participants apply for in the registration form. 100 EUR/night for single room, 110 EUR/night for double room with breakfast.

The participation fee is 100 EUR for SME, 300 EUR for bigger companies. Registration is due before 31 January 2020 using this form


For the real estate aspect

Emmanuel MALFEYT T +32 471 183 612

Laurent LAMBERTS T +32 498 588 739

For the E-Health aspect

Christophe COPPENS T +32 2 800 00 56

Frédéric SUCHE T +32 2 422 00 47

More information

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